change is g o o d

the fresh new blog for bhf…so fresh and so clean clean.

but seriously. change really is good…i believe that. and this change is fantastic.

if you’re familiar with bhf, you’ll notice some changes…new logo and new options for session bundles and services.

i have been blown away by the support and love i’ve gotten from my clients and friends over this past year. bhf is so important to me and i absolutely love that i get to do something i’m passionate about as my job. i am so thankful god has given me this talent that i can share with others.  it’s all because of Him have been busier than i ever anticipated i would be and have been blessed by capturing the sweet moments of others. while i do love my job, i love my family more. :) my time is precious and the time i spend with them is fleeting and priceless. i hope to spend a little more time with them this next year. of course i’m still going to be capturing all of your sweetness…just don’t want to miss out on their’s either.

so with that i say: explore. push buttons. leave me feedback…

let me know if anything isn’t working properly because i’m still learning, too!

thanks friends.

<3 rutheah



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